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We love to receive updates and photos of the puppies that we have bred. We invest so much time and love into each and every puppy for the 8 weeks (minimum) that they are in our care before they leave for their forever families. Thank you to each of our valued adopter's for giving our babies such wonderful homes. We are delighted to still receive updates about dogs that we bred over a decade ago.

Our buyers post regular photos, videos and updates on our Facebook Page - Oceancrest French Bulldogs Australia & Instagram 

WARNING - Frenchies are addictive. Most people cannot stop at one after experiencing their unique and entertaining temperaments!

Sharon (NSW) - Gemma's Mum
"It is with Great appreciation I write my story with my dealings with Belinda from Oceancrest French Bulldogs, 
Upon my search for looking for a second French bulldog , I was lucky enough to come across Ocean Crest French Bulldogs within a very short time of speaking to Belinda I realised I was talking to a genuine honest reliable and dedicated breeder as I'm a former breeder of show dogs (different breed). It was very much importance in the soundest of our new puppy and Belinda has done the hard yards, put time and effort  health checks into her breeding stock to ensure that she is breeding the soundest dogs possible. This gave me great comfort as nobody wants to have health issues with a loved family member (fur babies ) 
We were lucky enough to purchase a Beautiful little brindle girl Gemma off Belinda. Nothing was a problem, Belinda was very honest keeping me updated all the way with regular photos and even transported Gemma very safely and securely to Sydney where I live. As the French Bulldogs are very popular at the moment I suggest to anybody to consider Oceancrest French bulldogs for a very quality puppy.
We could not be happier with our little girl Gemma she came very well socialised very healthy and happy she is very true to type. Belinda should be congratulated on the quaility frenchies she produces. 
I believe that I will have many years of support and  advice from Belinda when needed and I would in a heartbeat purchase from Belinda again in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further confirmation 
Kind regards 
Sharon Bowden

Sharon has kindly provided her phone number which I can forward onto anyone that would like to speak to her in person. 

Lenore (QLD) - Karlos's mum
I was so nervous buying a Frenchie, and even more nervous finding the right breeder. My entire experience with Belinda was wonderful from start to finish! Everything from updates on the puppies to photos once they were born and all the advice and information provided was so helpful. My little boy is 5 months old now and I can not imagine life without him. I Definitely recommend Oceancrest French Bulldogs Australia over and over again!


Janet (WA) - Mabel's Mum
"As you know Mabel arrived safe and well after her long flight. You are a truely talented photographer as I have not managed to get one good photo yet, she's been charging around making herself at home and making an impression on Daisy and Buddy. You have make this experience so amazing and I couldn't recommend Oceancrest French Bulldogs highly enough. She is an absolute angel we all just adore her."  
A few months later ...
"I can testify that I have never known a more well adjusted puppy. Nothing phases her, she 'helps' out at home whenever she can, she loves her walks and literally sits down and waits to be patted when she sees anyone approaching her. She is especially fond of boys and young men, my 18 year old is completely in love with her and vice versa, she stops even the most unlikely characters in the street and turns them to mush with her love! We have the most beautiful new playground at the end of our road and she cannot pass it without waiting for the little ones to say hello. Thank you so much Oceancrest for giving such joy to this family "

Kate (QLD) - Marble & Cherie's mum
My family are lucky enough to have two Oceancrest girls! They are happy, healthy, beautiful dogs that bring our family much joy. They have lots of character, adore our children so its lucky the were child proofed before they arrived! Belinda has been, is, amazing! Her during and after sales support is second to none, open and transparent, happy to answer the silliest question, putting us at ease and ensuring we were the right home for her girls and that the girls were right for us. Her knowledge and experience of the breed, its complexities and her willingness to share her knowledge is very reassuring. Her obvious passion for this breed shows through in the quality of her dogs. I would happily recommend Oceancrest to anyone seeking a quality dog from a quality breeder.

Samantha (VIC) - Oki's mum
"Thank you Belinda for my gorgeous, kind and funny Oki Bacon. He's so special to me and certainly has filled my life with love and laughter!

Angela (NSW) - Jellybean's mum
"My experience with Belinda at Oceancrest has been an absolute delight. From the first point of contact till the very day we received our beautiful baby Jellybean, Belinda was always there to answer any of my questions. I am so grateful that we found such an experienced, knowledgeable and caring breeder to purchase our fur frenchie from. We have peace of mind that our Jellybean is healthy, happy and up to the true standards of what a french bulldog should be. If you are after a Frenchie then Oceancrest would be my number one breeder to buy from. I'm so greatful and appreciate everything that you have done for us and providing us with a beautiful, sound and amazing fur baby.
Kind regards,

Laura-Lee (QLD) - Daisy's mum
"Well daisy turns one next weekend! We can’t imagine life without her. She is a chunky, funny, energetic, loving, clever girl, although pretends not be at times ♥ Belinda and her family truly gave her the best start. She is a fine example of the breed ♥Belinda and I touch base regularly and hope to for many years to come ♥♥

Kath & Andy (Nth QLD) - Bella & Kass's mum & dad

"Belinda, Kev and boys – What can we say but thank you thank you.  You have brought so much love into our home with our two beautiful girls.  Bella and Kass are the best of friends which is not hard to believe as Nessie and Bella were inseparable for so many years.  They are both so loving and gentle and so much fun.  Bella is still a “Lap” dog and loves nothing more than to climb on your lap when you sit down whether you are outside on the lawn or sitting in the lounge room.  Kass has the best temperament and loves to “nuzzle” whenever she can.  You are an amazing family and have done an incredible job with both the girls and we can never thank you enough."



Paul (Nth QLD) - Halo & Meg's dad
"We were blessed to be given the chance to welcome Meg into our lives just a little over 12 months ago. Belinda from Oceancrest puts her heart and soul into her fur babies, and the communication provided, from day one, was second to none and continues on today. Oceancrest gives you the opportunity to welcome a furry friend into your lives that will forever change it. I have no doubt you would never regret receiving a puppy from Belinda, who strives to give you what you are looking for and ensuring a good fit for both owner and puppy.. "

Haoyu (NSW now residing in China) - Harbour's mum
"Buying a frenchie from Belinda is the best decision I ever did in this year! Can’t thanks Belinda enough for always being with me patiently and teaching me the right things I should do to take care of a puppy as I am fresh. Harbour is a totally healthy boy, it is amazing to find a frenchie can be that kind of healthy especially when you heard about a lots of stories about other friends’ frenchies have skin problems all the time. I am so surprised Belinda can breed those amazing frenchie, and feel proud to have one of them! My friends are so jealous of me can have a perfect frenchie😆. Thanks Belinda as always!"

Caroline  (WA) - Edie's Mum
"We got our little Edie from Oceancrest a few weeks ago. I can’t speak highly enough of this breeder Belinda. Nothing was too much trouble for her. The vet gave her a first class bill of health in Perth thanks to Belinda... her temperament is second to none. Adores small children and other dogs and basically everyone she meets. We treasure her every day... Belinda if there were awards for Best Breeder in Australia you would definitely be it!!! "

Joshua & Family (Singapore)

"When our 10 year old frenchie passed on from cancer, we were completely shattered and the days that followed were just empty and quiet. Initially, we thought we needed time to get over it but the sense of emptiness and needing to hug another dog was getting louder.

Came across Oceancrest and made some initial enquiries but soon realized the last frenchie in this litter was just meant to be. Belinda was extremely responsive and helpful in providing us regular updates on Elvis as well as all handling all the export and import details.

We were anxious on the day that Elvis was to fly, questions concerning how he was, whether he was eating right or had any pre-flight anxieties etc plagued our minds. Anxious but yet excited! We received updates from the transporter via Belinda right to the day he flew which was comforting.

After a 7 hour flight, he arrived safely in our arms and is very much the new baby in the family again! Could not be happier and thanks to Belinda for everything you have done for us and Elvis!"


Vicky (NSW) - Butter's Mum
"Just right before Christmas, me and my partner were honour to welcome the special baby boy, Butter, the cream Frenchie from Violet Crumble's 2016 litter. Since Butter's arrival, our life has changed completely, Butter sure is the sweetest boy ever with the greatest temperament. He has brought so much joy to us in the short two weeks of time. Being the fur parents for the very first time, both me and my partner were extremely nervous and we have so many questions to ask. Belinda from Oceancrest has provided us the most detailed supports from her 20 pages puppies handbook and personal replies. We truly appreciate Belinda's ongoing supports which definitely save us from being stressful parents. 
We look forward to spend many many more years with our beautiful Butter. We can't thank Belinda enough for allowing us to be Butter's new mommy and daddy. 

Thank you so much Belinda we really appreciate everything that you have done for Butter and us.

Rachel & Graeme (SA) - Tia's Mum & Dad
"Hi Belinda, thank you for our beautiful Tia ❤️ she is so funny, mischievous, smart, intelligent and cheeky. It's only day two and she's running things around here already. Had adventures in the garden this morning, got the paper with dad and she tries to get into everything! Thank you for starting her toilet training, she'd make you proud - knows to use her doggy toilet inside and uses her spot in the garden - so very clever. I'm so grateful I came to you for a frenchie, she is happy, well rounded, social and full of confidence. You deserve a 7, not a 5. Cheers Rachel and Graeme - Adelaide

Vince (WA) - Tyrone's dad
"TYRONE visited Vetwest today for his Vaccination , deworming and check up . The Doctor gave him the big thumbs up and said he is in perfect health and has a beautiful temperament . Thanks Oceancrest French Bulldogs for all your great work in breeding first class Frenchies 👍" 

Mark, Emma & Family (NSW) - Ted & Bijou's Family
"He is perfect … He is settling in well …

We love him so much it is a joy having him join our family xxx the kids love him and he plays with them really well too. 

He has a very social and cheeky personality so far. A credit to you really in creating such a confident and friendly little chap. 

Ted is melting hearts everyday.  He adores pats and hello's he gets excited when I put his blanket in his bag. He loves an outing. He has been shopping, to ballet school, Marks work, circus school, the hairdressers, and  wants to come anywhere he can come. We keep him safe in his bag as still not fully immunized … I think even when he has full immunity he will still want his bag rides… Lol he has people wanting photo's all the time he loves travelling in that bag...

what a pleasure it’s been dealing with such a professional with such attention to detail you're amazing thank you 

Cheers Mark & Emma and Family  ( and Ted)

Madison (WA) - Duke's mum
Reporting after his first night:

"He has been great so far. He didn't cry at all last night and is eating and learning where to go to the toilet. He is just perfect :) You have done an awesome job raising them! :)"


And at 1 year old ...

"Hi Belinda. Everything is great with our precious boy Duke he is such a good dog!! "

Alison & Family (NSW) - Alpha's mum
"We got our little girl from Belinda. We waited for 9 months and here she is. Running around the house with our four golden retrievers.
I can't thank Belinda enough for this beautiful little monster ❤️ she's smart and loving. I thought my heart is full already but she got me fall in love with her all over again.

Michelle & Family (NSW) - FREANKiE's mum
"We’ve had our little man for a week today and life hasn’t been the same since his arrival. Life hasn’t been the same since we first made contact with Oceancrest and we worked through the process of welcoming one of their pups into our home. Right from the get go all our questions and queries have been followed up and answered. Regular conversations and contact made our experience very personal and made us feel part of their family. We are loving having our little man he has had a mesmerising affect on all the humans in our house- not to mention our 12 year old westie. So many photos and videos have been snapped of him since he arrived and we look forward to many many more hours of fun and joy with him here. Thank you Belinda he is a gift worth waiting for."


Jodie (Nth QLD) - Meg's & Halo's Mum
"While waiting to be able to pick up our beautiful Meg I was like a nervous first time mother. I had so many questions!!! Belinda from Oceancrest answered every one of them. She calmed my nerves and never made me feel like I was asking a silly question. Her knowledge and willingness to share it was amazing. And our Meg is a testament to Belinda's love and dedication to her dogs and breeding. Meg was basically house trained and well adjusted when she came to us at 8 weeks. She fitted in perfectly with our family. She has enriched our lives so much. We will never be able to thank Belinda enough. "

Samulel & Lauren (NSW) - Mila's mum
"When my partner and I decided to buy our first puppy together we couldn't believe how amazing and professional Oceancrest were. They made it so easy for us with no question unanswered and the quick response was incredible. Thank you so much for allowing us to have the most beautiful girl put a smile on our face everyday"

Sherina & Nick (WA) - Hudson's mum & dad
"Hudson is such a beautiful tempered boy, we could not ask for a better dog. He is extremely loyal, very protective and a big cuddly bear at heart. We will always be grateful to Belinda and her family for raising him so well and providing us with ongoing support. As our friends refer to us- it's not your house it's Hudsons house and this could not be more true. He provides a lovely presence to our home and anyone that meets him instantly falls in love. "

Chanetelle (WA) - Onyx's mum
"Onyx is doing good ... he is super cuddly and also loves cuddling up to our other dog Indi .... He has settled into our family perfectly!! He is such a beautiful dog, you have done such a wonderful job with him! Thanks heaps Belinda
This is our placid, beautiful boy ..."

Jo & Matt (NSW) - Tex  & Lucy's mum & dad

"Jo and myself would like to thank you so very much for allowing Texas into our lives. After the loss of our beloved Georgia ( 8 year old Bullmastiff) we had not only holes in our hearts but a very large hole in our household. We loved how your bullmastiffs were such large parts of your family and involved in all aspects of your family life especially the gentle nature shown with your children this gave us confidence that you would breed amazingly gentle dogs. The entire process from the birth of the puppies to the day we drove 1000+Km to pick him up was a credit to you we felt we were there every step of the way and this made this time very enjoyable seeing him grow into the big 8 week old boy we first met and from this moment on we were in love with our big Tex.
Amazingly once we arrived home he settled in like no other puppy we have ever had no crying or issues even after the long trip home although even at this age was quite the lover of a good cuddle now nearing one year on and 50kg+ later he still thinks he is that little puppy that came home with us.
Texas is a big loveable puppy still, even though looking at him he is larger then life and the most harmful thing he could possibly do is cover you in slobber which he has mastered to a fine art.
Overall words cannot describe how blessed we are that you allowed Big Tex into our life and given us such happiness and I am sure anyone that is given a gift of one of your puppies would express these same views"

Matt & Jo Brown
Newcastle, NSW

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